About the Breed of Cattle and the Farmer

About the Breed of Cattle and the Farmer

Our Beef

Chianina (pronounced key - a - knee - na) and Chiangus which is Chianina crossed with Black Angus. Chianina yields wonderfully tasty and tender meat and for this reason is highly valued in Italy.

A partnership / collaboration that Gianni is proud to be involved with Sam and his wife to be the first Boutique Style Florentine Steak Restaurant in Queensland. Who said you need to travel to Tuscany to have a Florentine Steak when it is just at your door step in Kyabra st, Newstead, Brisbane.

So Why Is Our Beef Any Good?

It's a combination of firstly the breed, secondly the farm and thirdly the handling and ageing after slaughter. Every breed has its characteristics. The genetic features of the animal play a part in the quality of the meat. Then one must also consider the superior characteristics of the farm. Bovine creates were not designed to eat grain and allowing them to graze beautiful pastures at their own pace will create great muscle. We then have our animals killed at a small family owned local abattoir who treat them with respect. From there we honour the old tradition of dry ageing our meat. This is not a commercial practice anymore because as the animal hangs it loses weight. This intensifies the flavour but diminishes financial return so it is no longer common practice.

We liken the quality of our beef to the memory of eating tree ripened fruit directly picked. It is something that many modern farming practices have sacrificed... flavour. These philosophies hold true with many fruits, vegetables and meats and we consider them important when producing our product.

The Chianina Breed is renowned for beef which is lean, dark red in colour, and retains a marbling of fat among the muscling. Most importantly our Chianina beef is very tasty and tender.

Our farm has a great clean environment with high rainfall producing rich and varied pasture. All cattle are grass fed, the cattle grow slower but this leads to beef with more flavour. It is not mass produced beef which is often a product of chemicals and a grain diet, producing beef which may be tender but is reduced in flavour.

Our beef is hung, butchered and delivered to your door. It is ready for the BBQ, oven or pot and is suitable for the freezer as it is delivered fresh

Our Farmers

Sam Walker - aka Farmer Sam is the head of all farm-based operations. He finished school at 16 and then promptly headed to Kars stations where he went jackarooing for twelve months. Being "one step up from the kelpie dogs" in the farm hierarchy taught him everything he needed to know about running the farm. He then went on to complete his studies obtaining a degree in economics, majoring in agriculture... so he's not just a pretty pair of overalls! He is as comfortable with a pair of fencing strainers as he is with a glass of Chianti!

Daniela Mollica - Whilst she completed her degree as a Chiropractor, good food is and has always been her first passion. After co-founding the Melbourne chapter of Slow Food in 1996, she soon moved to Italy in 1999 to live and work (remaining involved with the Italian part of the SF movement). After 4 years of living in Tuscany and learning about all its delights, she returned to Melbourne. She heads up the gastronomic side of the operation although loves the quad bike...

Florentine Italian Grill and Wine Room

Florentine Italian Grill and Wine Room

Email: info@florentinerestaurant.com.au

Phone : 07 3180 4466